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Mercurial Geek Night

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Faster, better and more flexible revision Control with Mercurial

The Open Source world is buzzing with excitement over the new generation of distributed revision control systems. Many projects have already switched from legacy systems such as CVS or Subversion, and many more are planning to do the switch. In this talk, you will be introduced to Mercurial, which is a fast, flexible and fun distributed revision control system. Mercurial scales all the way from the largest projects such as Mozilla, OpenSolaris, and OpenJava, down to the smallest projects such as your own TODO list.

The talk will explain the principles behind Mercurial and hopefully convince you that Mercurial is simpler yet more powerful than your existing system.

Speaker: Martin Geisler is a core developer in the Mercurial and has recently
handed in his PhD thesis on cryptographic protocols as the University
of Aarhus.

Place: Google Zürich
Date: March 24 at 17.00
Price: Free
Max seats: 80 (First come – first served)
Registration: closed

Please note that this event is followed by a Mercurial Kick Start.


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