The Swiss Division

JAOO Aarhus 2010 Conference

JAOO is a world class conference that covers the latest developments across the software landscape. The format includes 3 conference days and 3 training days with 80+presentations and 20+ training sessions. With 21 tracks, JAOO highlights a broad range of topics that are top of mind for today’s professional development community.  JAOO speakers are software experts, authors and practitioners who have made significant strides in the world of software and are setting the stage for the future developments in the industry.

As a motivating force in software development we find passion in software inspiring and are creating an environment at JAOO 2010 where everyone can exchange and share passions with one another. Our program has been created with this in mind, and our speakers have exposed their own passions on their bios and will be doing so at the conference.  This year, we encourage you to share your thoughts and software passions with us on twitter at #jaoo and bring your passion with you to JAOO 2010!

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