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GOTO Night: Scrum;

Come along to an inspiring evening event and meet other Scrum user in Zürich!

Jeff Sutherland: Why you should use Scrum
Jeff Sutherland is the Co-Creator of Scrum and was a signer of the Agile Manifesto, which marked the start of the Agile movement. He has served as VP of Engineering or CTO at eleven software companies, managing the last seven entirely using Scrum, and achieved industry-leading, hyper-productive results. At the GOTO Night Jeff Sutherland will share his experience and answer questions from the audience.

Fredi Schmidli: Soft factors – a decisive prerequisite for applying Scrum | View slides
At the beginning of 90ies Fredi Schmidli worked in industry at a time when lean production methods like “just in time” , Kanban, Kaizen was introduced with great success. After co-founding swiss IT bridge he met Peter Stevens, the founder of the Scrum Breakfasts, who told him: “With Scrum you can increase quality, efficiency and the happiness of developers”. Since then he is an active member of the Scrum Community in Switzerland.

Abstract: In my work as well as in my private life I had to learn the hard way that soft factors are more important than hard factors. I realised that the appliance of soft factors in organisations is even harder to achieve than in private life. After trying with great engagement I realised it is more worthwhile to start my own company. Soft factors include beliefs, character and attitude of people as well as the way we communicate. My presentation will address for example: Why are we acting in a certain way? Who must change: Me or the other person? I “want” is better than I “must”. How to find out the true reason behind somebody’s behaviour. How can we win people instead of forcing them. Based on this we can then discuss the prerequisites of successful Scrum like transparency, trust, teamwork, reliability, commitment and self-responsibility with the help of concrete examples.

Language: English
Place: Holiday Inn Zürich Messe, Wallisellsenstrasse 48, 8050 Zürich
Date & Time: 7 November 2011, 18.00 – 20.00
Price: Free
Max seats: 60 (first come – first served)
Registration: Please send your name and company address to Serife Cakmak.




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