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What is Tribank?

Tribank is a customizable framework for our banking customers who are looking to provide their web-based services on smart phone platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Web based platforms.


Tribank framework provides the following banking services:

Without secure login:
- Contact information
- Financial Market News and Information
- Currency Exchange rates
- Travel calculator
- Find ATM
- Marketing Content and Customer Acquisition Content

With secure login:
- View Account Overview
- List account transactions
- Transaction details
- Transfer of funds between accounts
- Transfer of funds to other accounts
- Payment of slips
- Graphical view of account spend
- Configuration of low/high water mark on the accounts
- Configuration of transaction categories

In addition, we can create customized services that are unique to your institution. Tribank can be configured to the customers “look and feel” with a customized skin and multi language support.

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