We have drawn upon Trifork’s comprehensive knowledge and interest for healthcare-IT in the development of The Common Medicine Journal. The employees where self-organizing and they performed the majority of the contact to the clinicians, who should give us continuous input during the development work. This was a huge advantage for us, as this was an assignment we didn’t have the recourses to solve ourselves.

Steen Hernig, IT Operating Responsible, Medicine IT, Danish Medicines Agency

mb_black_whiteIt may seem courageaus, when we hand over an extremely critical part of our business to a supplier. On the other hand, I am comfortable with Trifork, whom – basically – have some very talented developers on their team and at the same time show a very good understanding of our business.

Mette Blomqvist CEO, Danske Lønsystemer A/S (Leading provider of Payroll Systems)

ita-christian-lanng_bwIt was very impressing to have the first edition of digitaliser.dk live in such a short time. Especially given the fact that the same work can take two to three years with traditional development and procurement models, where you start to swallow a much bigger bite and then you need to negotiate all the changes as individual purchases. Instead we fiercely prioritized, and it paid off.

Christian Lanng, Head of Office, Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation